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The Pan Loco Steel Band
Percussionists and drum enthusiasts, that have come together to celebrate and express the joy of living and the beauty around us through traditional island rhythms and the unique and amazing sound of the steel drum, or pan.
Margaret Explosion
Elegant space jazz from members of the former Rochester band Personal Effects. The band features Peggi Fournier on sax, Ken Frank on bass Bob Martin on guitar and Paul Dodd on drums.

Terese Taylor
San Francisco-based Terese Taylor is a floating rib of sorts - her idiosyncratic style and sound isn't attached to the flimflam sternum of the music industry.

Jazz Potato
Jazz Potato is Western New York's newest contribution to the jazz scene. Although not a jazz trio in the traditional sense of the word, JP takes advantage of the one inherent rule in jazz - that there are no rules.
The irthlings are a trio from Rochester, NY and have been rockin' out in the local underground scene since 1999. Independently renowned for their talents, they join forces and have become a local favorite.
Kelly's Old Timers
Many excellent musicians have played with the Old Timers over the years, and although the group has changed, the music program has remained relatively the same: American Standards, Jazz numbers and Eastern Square Dances.
Fall Creek Marimbas
Bill Youhass combines the comprehensive scientific knowledge of the fine craftsman and the ear of the artist/percussionist to bring you the same high quality tuning and bar repair work he has provided for orchestras, universities and professional percussionists throughout the world.
Glen McClure
Mr. McClure’s main compositional interest lies in the mixing of classical music with ethnic music traditions. Many of his compositions have been born out of community initiatives and collaborations.
Sanduleak has derived a modern sound composed of many disparate influences. By allowing themselves the freedom to explore a variety of instrumentations, the band has created a repertoire of infectious, original tunes.
Watkins & The Rapiers Rapiers.org
Mostly original music, written by the band’s four songwriters. It’s Americana music, folk music with a beat, exploring many genres, rather than calculating a sound to fit a marketing category.
Flint Creek Rapiers.org
If you love Country music and you love to dance, then FLINT CREEK is the band for you!
TurtleStone Trio Rapiers.org
Three local musicians have gathered along the shores of Conesus lake to form a musical bond that pulls deeply from their unique backgrounds. They have created a trio that combines jazz, blues, bluegrass, Klezmer, bossa nova, pop and classical to create a musical style that is completely their own.
Vendetta Rapiers.org
“Vendetta” is a mix of cutting edge cover tunes from “Nickelback,” “Buckcherry,” “Godsmack,” “Disturbed,” "Finger Eleven," and "Kid Rock," accompanied with an even mix of classic rock from such legends as "Van Halen," "Aerosmith," "The Beatles," and "The Doobie Brothers."
Ernie and Andy Lawrence Rapiers.org
We play folk music with deep roots in blues. We throw in some jazz, old country, gospel and rock and roll.
Steve West Rapiers.org
Predominantly blues based, with a healthy dose of pop standards and old favorites that I've given my own special spin. As a solo performer, I have played a number of venues where a lighter touch is desired so people can enjoy dinner and conversation while I play. I can also easily handle venues where I am in the spotlight all eyes are on me for the evening's entertainment.
Woody Dodge Rapiers.org
Since 1988, Woody Dodge has performed its distinctive blend of alternative folk rock around Western NY. While the band never broke up, they wandered off in different directions. Now they are once again writing new material.
Polly Panic Rapiers.org
Jenette Mackie built Polly Panic on the back of an electrified and often distorted cello married to manic-depressive drums. Her vocal stylings owe as much to Sylvia Plath and Virginia Woolf as they do to PJ Harvey and Tori Amos.

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